80,000-125,000 BTU ER2STG Two Stage Series

  • 80,000-125,000 BTU ER2STG Two Stage Series

80,000-125,000 BTU ER2STG Two Stage Series

Item #:ER2STG125_Two_Stage_Series Model #: ER2STG125-N / ER2STG125-LP
Item # Product Name
F102605 80,000-125,000 BTU Two Stage Burner Box Control ER2STG80-125N
F102607 80,000-125,000 BTU Two Stage Burner Box Control ER2STG80-125LP
F106406XL Tube Set - 100,000-125,000 BTU 40ft ERXL
F106407XL Tube Set - 125,000-175,000 BTU 50ft ERXL
00438 Side Reflex Extension Shield Kit
11750 Conversion Kit 125,000 BTU ER2STG NG to LP
14585P Chrome Tube Hangers Plated
17370 Hanging Chain Kit for Tube Heaters
F102601 ER2STG Thermostat
F102604 Installation kit for 40 ' unit (ER2STG125)
F102606 Installation kit for 50' unit (ER2STG125/175)
F102848 Category I 4in Vertical Vent Kit
F102860 Category III 4in Stainless Steel Horizontal Vent Kit
F106414 180 Degree U Tube
F106415 90 Degree Elbow Tube



Heatstar Low Intensity Radiant Tube Heaters direct line-of-sight radiant heat to floor-level objects, which in turn, heat surrounding air to desired temperature. Personnel and objects at floor level enjoy instant, cost-saving comfort. This heater comes as either natural gas (F102605) or propane (F102607). 140 ft (F106406XL) or 50 ft (F106407XL) sold separately.
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • 16-Gauge Aluminized Tubing
  • Outside or Inside Air for Combustion
  • Sealed Burner Control Box
  • Full Cover Polished Aluminum Reflector
  • Installs easily as Straight or U-Tube Configuration
  • Category I Vertical Venting
  • Category III Horizontal Venting

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Additional Information

BTU per Hour 125000
Electrical Rating 125000
Electrical Connection Pigtail Leads in Junction Box
Gas Inlet Connection 1/2in ID FPT
Mounting Height Range 12ft - 15ft
Clearance to Combustibles: Horizontal Above 6in; Below 87in; Sides 36in
Clearance to Combustibles: Vertical
Venting: Length Min/Max 25ft
Venting: Exhaust 30ft
Venting: Air Intake 30ft
Thermostat Optional Optional
Fuel Type Natural Gas or Propane
Ignition Hot Surface
Weight (Lbs)
Warranty 1 Year Limited
Certification CSA
Model ER2STG125-N / ER2STG125-LP

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