122,000 BTU Indirect Fired Heater - Series Page

  • 122,000 BTU Indirect Fired Heater - Series Page

122,000 BTU Indirect Fired Heater - Series Page

Item #:100_Pro-Series Model #: HSP100ID
Item # Product Name
F105110 HSP100ID: Indirect Fired Construction Heater
F105106 HSP Pro-Series: Digital Thermostat
F105108 HSP Pro-Series: Remote Analog Thermostat
F105107 HSP Pro-Series: Single Duct Adapter (12in)
F105111 HSP Pro-Series: Single Duct Adapter (14in)
F105112 HSP Pro-Series: Air Recycle Kit (12in)
F105117 HSP Pro-Series: Dual Duct Adapter
F150040 12in Flexible Heat Duct
F150043 14in Flexible Heat Duct
The HSP100ID Indirect Fired Heaters are highly efficient devices that provide large volume of 100% clean, dry and fume free warm air. They are best for places with limited ventilation like shops, event tents, food preparation areas, exhibition halls, and construction sites. They can be used with flexible duct that spreads the warm air around easily.



Heatstar PRO-SERIES 122,000 BTU/HR Indirect Fired Heater. The HSP100ID (F105110) is an ideal heating solution when paired with 25' of 14" duct and a remote thermostat. This indirect fired heater is an ideal solution for delivering even heat to both event tents and construction sites with clean fresh heated air. You can place the heater outside the space and duct the warm air in or for a fuel savings you can place the heater in the space to be heated and vent the exhaust out. Either way it is hard to beat the comfort and safety of indirect heat.
  • Heat exchanger to keep exhaust gas and heated air separate
  • 17 gallon tank capacity
  • Powerful fans ensure high static pressure
  • Long life stainless steel combustion chamber
  • Electronic flame control
  • Water resistant flame control box
  • Automatic safety and control devices
  • Optional thermostat available for constant temperature control
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • Heavy duty duct adapter available
  • UL Certified

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Additional Information

Weight (Lbs) 167
BTU per Hour 122000
Fuel Type Kerosene, Diesel 1# or 2#, Fuel Oil, Jet A fuel
Tank Capacity (Gal) 17
Ignition Continuous
Electrical Rating 120v, 60 HZ, 7.5 Amp
Air Volume (CFM) 1060
Heated Fuel Filter Standard
Heated Nozzle No
Clearance to Combustibles: Horizontal 6ft
Adapter F105104 Single (12") / F105111 Single (14") / F105117 Dual
Recirculating Ducting Optional
Duct Length Max 25ft
Duct Diameter 12in or 14in
Multiple Ducting Optional Optional
Wheel Type Solid Rubber
Thermostat Optional F105108 Analog (33') / F105106 Digital (33')
Item Length (in) 48.62
Item Width (in) 22.63
Item Height (in) 39.37
Item Weight (lb) 167
Warranty 1 Year Limited
Model HSP100ID

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