Most product from HeatStar® by Enerco and HeatStar AG™ (referred to as HeatStar® in the following) includes a 1-year limited warranty, except for the HeatStar® Unit Heaters which carry a 3-year limited warranty, HeatStar® Vent Free Heaters which include a 5-year limited warranty, HeatStar® Tube Heaters which carry a 10-year limited warranty, and any factory reconditioned heater which will carry a 90 day limited warranty.  Limited warranties include coverage for product and/or parts replacement but does not include servicing product.  Warranties do not cover defects determined to be caused by normal wear or due to customer negligence.  Please refer to the manuals on individual products for maintenance instructions and details.  Manuals are included with most products or may be available online to view or download.  A valid serial number may be required to access the correct manual.

You can register your warranty information on the heatstarbyenerco.com or heatstarag.com website.  The link is under the Service menu.  You should keep a copy of your receipt for proof of purchase.  When calling in concerning product under warranty, it will be required for you to email or fax in a copy of proof of purchase and to confirm that you have a valid serial number off of any applicable device.  Please note, it is at the sole discretion of HeatStar® to replace product or provide service parts.

Any returns completed under warranty may be issued a prepaid FedEx shipping label from Heatstar.  Labels will be emailed, faxed, or mailed and expire after 30 days of them being generated.  Each return label is assigned to a specific return.  To make sure that you receive the correct refund, please do not include items from multiple orders or shipments in the same box.

Heatstar may determine that a refund can be issued without returning the item if it is a warranty issue.  If you are not required to ship your item back for a refund, you will be notified by the Technical Service Representative.  If a warranty exchange is being processed and your product is requested to be shipped back, PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL FUELS AND/OR LIQUIDS ARE REMOVED FULLY BEFORE SHIPPING.  If the item is not emptied and/or it smells of fuel, the shipping company has the right to deny transportation.

If your heater is out of warranty and is not working to your satisfaction, you may contact us either via the Contact Us form online, the chat function online, or a phone call to 1(866) 447-2194 and follow the prompts for Technical Service.  Or you may also contact an authorized HeatStar Service Center for repairs.  Utilize the Find a Service Center tool to find an authorized Service Center near you.  HeatStar® does not bring product back to our facilities for repair.  If your unit requires repairs that you are unable or uncomfortable performing yourself over the phone with a Technical Service representative, you will need the assistance of an authorized Service Center.