60,000 BTU Natural Gas High Intensity Radiant Power Pile Industrial Heater

  • 60,000 BTU Natural Gas High Intensity Radiant Power Pile Industrial Heater

60,000 BTU Natural Gas High Intensity Radiant Power Pile Industrial Heater

Item #:F180626 Model #: HS8060PPNG
8000 Series High Intensity Overhead Radiant Heater, power pile ignition, for natural gas



8000 Series Heaters arrive set up to operate at 60,000 BTU/hr. The box comes with a kit that enables user to convert the BTU setting to 50,000 or 70,000. Infrared Heaters direct line of site radiant heat to floor-level objects, which in turn, heat surrounding air to the desired temperature. High intensity heaters are ideal for use in drafty or windy conditions like a loading dock or auto mechanic bays where doors are open during winter conditions. Dock personnel and objects at floor level will benefit from comfortable warmth like the rays of the sun despite wind and cold. This particular heater uses Power Pile ignition and it is fueled by natural gas. It ships with a thermostat and no electricity or direct venting are required for operation. Heatstar high intensity heaters are protected by a 10 year, pro-rated burner assembly warranty and a limited one year gas control warranty. Consult the user manual for installation instructions and for clearance to combustible guidance.
  • Heatstar High Intensity Heaters have multiple outputs per model series
  • Additional burner orifices are included that enables the installer to increase or decrease the output of the heater
  • Spark ignition heaters ship with 40VA transformers
  • Milivolt control heaters shipped with thermostat
  • Non-corrosive materials are used throughout heaters construction

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Additional Information

Weight (Lbs) 34
BTU per Hour 60000
Fuel Type Natural Gas
Ignition Manual
Electrical Rating Not Applicable
Electrical Connection Not Applicable
Transformer Included Not Applicable
Gas Inlet Connection 1/2in ID FPT
Gas Inlet Pressure Min 7in WC
Gas Inlet Pressure Max 14in WC
Mounting Height Range 13ft - 15ft
Clearance to Combustibles: Horizontal Top 40in; Side 30in; Back 30in; Below 118in
Venting Required Not Required
Thermostat Optional Yes
Item Length (in)
Item Width (in)
Item Height (in)
Item Weight (lb)
Warranty: Gas Control 1 Year Limited
Warranty: Burner 10 Year Limited Pro-Rated
Model HS8060PPNG

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