Heatstar Manuals

Click on the links below to download the current year Heatstar manuals with full schematics and parts lists.  For DeWALT manuals, please click here.


Heatstar NOMAD Box Heater

 Heatstar Convection Heaters

 Heatstar Direct Forced Air

 Heatstar Electric Heater

Heatstar Forced Air Kerosene

 Forced Air Propane Heaters

 Heatstar Indirect Fired Forced Air

 Heatstar Oil Fired Portable Radiant

Heatstar Portable Radiant Heaters


 Heatstar High Intensity Overhead

Heatstar Garage Workshop Heaters

 Heatstar Radiant Tubes

 Garage Patio Radiant Tubes

 Heatstar Forced Air Unit

 Heatstar Vent Free

Interactive Parts Schematic

Did not find exactly what you wanted?

Enter your serial number below to access Heatstar’s interactive schematic & parts ordering system. This system will allow you to browse your specific product schematic to order the correct service parts as well as download a complete manual for your make & model year. Please note that this is a new system and we are slowly adding past years of data, however currently only the past three production years are available (2013-2015).  Custom Heatstar product is not available due to the variance in manufacturing.  If your product was produced any year prior (2011 and earlier), please call our Technical Service Department, where our technicians will gladly assist you.

For Heatstar or HeatstarAG, call 1(866) 447-2194 or Enerco, call 1(888) 849-1899, and follow the prompts for Technical Service.